Legal Fellowship

Legal Fellowships with Ekstrand and Ekstrand


We pride ourselves on being a “teaching firm,” offering full-time paralegal positions, part-time legal clerkships, and summer associate internships to current students and/or recent graduates at both the college and law school levels. We have found that our legal fellows bring great passion and energy for learning and the most dedicated of work ethics. Direct contact with clients, integral legal research, drafting and revising of a variety of documents, case management responsibility, attendance at court hearings and mediations, we seek to offer firsthand learning experiences. In turn, we have high expectations for the quality of work and commitment of our legal fellows – we have to, they are part of our TEAM.

Past Legal Fellows


  • Louisa C. Clark
  • Paralegal
  • "I am privileged to work for a firm with impeccable values. Ekstrand & Ekstrand strives for justice and truth in all the work that we do. My position allows me the opportunity to witness firsthand the impact of the law on people’s lives and to play a role in helping clients navigate the legal system.”
  • Brittany Ann Handy
  • Certified Paralegal
  • "I love being at the central artery of E&E: working with our team, communicating with clients and court administrators, helping to manage all of the information and filings that come into and out of our office. Details are important, and I see directly how our work can make a difference in people’s lives."
  • Andrew M. Roth
  • Associate
  • "It’s a small firm, but we handle an impressive variety of cases. And the fact that it’s small works to its advantage–clients are always dealing with someone who will have direct input on their case."
  • Kinney D. Rucker
  • Paralegal
  • "Everyone in the firm is driven to make a difference in our clients’ lives when we come to work every day."
  • Susanna L. Carls
  • Legal Fellow
  • "The most satisfying moment I had at Ekstrand and Ekstrand was experiencing the incredibly rewarding feeling of gaining a client’s trust."
  • Sara O. Couch
  • Paralegal
  • "E&E as a law firm is motivated, with a strong desire to help those in need and to perform at the highest standards."
  • Jenny Bonilla Moreno
  • Summer Associate
  • "I love that education cases are a genuine priority here. There are virtually no other firms in the area with the desire and know-how to advocate for students and their families at every level of the process."
  • Timothy L. McKeever
  • Paralegal
  • "With a results-oriented approach and team environment, E&E’s culture fosters individual drive within a team focused on achieving a common goal: the best possible outcome for our clients."